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Job Posting: Research Assistant (Contract)

Voor Urban Labs provides technical support for broader movements for decolonization, social change and climate justice locally in Vancouver and across Canada. Our team specialises in critical urban research, urban planning, and community engagement work. Join us in...

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Captured Futures of Climate Politics

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ON CLIMATE CHANGE We are thrilled to be copresenting our friend Maarten Hajer’s return visit to Vancouver on January 26, 2022. Maarten is a distinguished professor of Urban Futures at Utrecht University,...

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City Planning for Redress and Repair

VOOR URBAN LABS + HUMAN STUDIO Place-based planning is the key to how we as urban advocates prioritize how we can build our cities to be centred on the economic prosperity of local communities skewed towards inclusivity, ensure environmental sustainability, and create...

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Urban Indigenous Governance

NUICC + VOOR URBAN LABS For many Indigenous populations, storytelling is governance. Storytelling communicates values, community priorities, and important histories that are part of identity, power, and self-determination. And for so long, the voices and stories of...

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